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One week program for (one person) office workers (Type II)


Rehabilitation & Wellness Institute Zebrzydowice, Zebrzydowice

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Today, office work is one of the most common professions. Not everyone is aware of the fact how this type of work may harm our health. Prolonged sitting position is primarily a problem for our spine. Nagging muscle pain and back pain can effectively reduce the quality and productivity. Program for office workers in our center guarantees relaxation and carefully selected exercises and treatments that will give a person the influx of vitality and positive energy.

Fine cuisine and comfortable rooms in the apartments and restaurant Forest Nook will allow you to experience the full relaxation. The offer is directed both to the individual and to the business owners, which we encourage to order for their employees. We guarantee that a happy employee will return to work with renewed strength and full of motivation to action!
Program for office workers lasts 7 days  and includes the price of the package:
- 7 nights in a comfortable 2-seater in the apartments and restaurant complex, Forest Nook (it is possible aid to the room one-person);
- full-board - breakfast, lunch and dinner and soft drinks with meals;
- consultation with a specialist or principal physiotherapist;
- 2 treatments per day adjusted according to individual needs by a specialist, treatments take place on weekdays
- group exercises every morning on weekdays.
Under favorable conditions, exercise can be done outside of the resort, right on the edge of the forest;
- demonstration classes presenting sets of exercises designed to perform in office;
- 3 lessons of Nordic Walking technique with instructor
- class demonstration showing proper preparation and workplace ergonomics
During person's stay, a perosn can use additiona devices: an atlas, stepper, ergometer, sauna, beds AquaMed, bicycles, Nordic walking sticks and many other.

STANDARD ROOM TYPE 2 (from 40m ², living room and bedroom).

Price is for one person stay.  Please note that price concerns place in a room and another vacationist can be placed in the same room. If you would like apartment exclusively for yourself please see this offer. 

Katowice Wrocław

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